The VALIDATE module: Quantifying the power of PRS

Essential testing of your PRS on an independent population In our previous articles outlining Allelica’s PRS pipeline we described how users can impute genotype or... Read more →

The DISCOVER Module: Seamlessly building new polygenic risk scores

A user friendly, cloud-based computing solution to build state-of-the-art, publication ready polygenic risk scores The DISCOVER module allows users to build their own polygenic risk.. Read more →

The IMPUTE Module: Enriching Low-Coverage and Microarray data

Fast and scalable genome imputation of Low-Coverage WGS and Microarray data in just minutes Allelica’s PRS pipeline is built around a set of interconnected modules... Read more →

Coronary Artery Disease: Predicting risk through genetics

Within the last two decades, and upon completion of the world’s largest biological project in 2003, interest in the human genome and its effect on... Read more →

Large Scale Genomics Datasets In the UK

We previously wrote about the enormous impact that the UK Biobank (UKBB) is having to translational research. Although the scientific outputs from this project are now beginning... Read more →

Genetics is actionable

In Allelica we’re very excited about the incredible advances that analyses of large DNA datasets are bringing to medicine. In addition to the increasingly... Read more →

Beyond BRCA

Vast quantities of human DNA have been sequenced for biomedical research and clinicians, researchers and innovators are now beginning to focus on the next phase... Read more →

Disease is Polygenic

In the late 19th Century, a Moravian monk named Gregor Mendel passed his time by running experiments cross-breeding different types of pea plant. Amongst his... Read more →

The UK Biobank : unleashing the power of genome

A central goal of preventative medicine is to identify the people most at risk of disease early enough that something can be done. Spotting those... Read more →