Allelica was founded in January 2018 by the molecular biologist Dr Giordano Bottà, the geneticist Dr George Busby and the software engineers  Paolo Di Domenico. Allelica’s vision is to allow people to benefit from the scientific revolution happened in the Genomics field in the last two years, creating digital products and platforms that make the use of the extraordinary information contained in our DNA simple and effective.

We can guarantee the highest effectiveness of the information you will get because we have worked for years in international research centers and we use the highest quality standards in data interpretation.
The analyses are carried out in our accredited and certified laboratory.
Your privacy is essential for us:
you will always have the ownership of your genetic data, they will remain safe encrypted in our database as long as you want and you can download, browse or delete them whenever you prefer.

“Allelica offers an excellent and highly technological product to bring health prevention to the next level”.

Prof. Fabio Virgili

Editor in Chief of the Scientific Journal “Genes and Nutrition”

Giordano Bottà PhD

Giordano is a molecular biologist and bioinformatician passionate about everything related to DNA, genetics and evolution. He carried out research at the University of Oxford, where he had the opportunity to work with the top genomics experts in the world, publishing in the journal Nature. He wants to give people the opportunity to benefit from the scientific revolution in Genomics, creating digital products to allow an effective use of the extraordinary information carried in our DNA.

Giordano Bottà PhD
CEO & Co-Founder

George Busby PhD
CSO & Co-Founder

George Busby PhD

George is a geneticist and a writer. He has been a researcher at the University of Oxford for more than 5 years and his scientific work has been published in Nature and Science. He was always fascinated by the possibility of using the information contained in our DNA to reconstruct the evolutionary history of human beings. He now leads the Allelica scientific team, bringing the predictive genomic accuracy of the Polygenic approach to the market for the first time.

Paolo Di Domenico

Paolo is a software engineer, he programmed his first software at the age of 5 with a Commodore 64 and Basic language. Since then he has developed programming skills in numerous languages and in managing complex systems, maturing over two decades of experience. His goal is to develop algorithms and software able to make the information contained within our code of life accessible to people.

Dr Paolo Di Domenico
CTO & Co-Founder

Analyses are carried out in our accredited and certified laboratory, guaranteeing the highest International Quality Standards.

We use Illumina technology, world leader in the production of tools for genomic analysis.

The next generation Illumina Arrays allow to access the genome with an extraordinary accuracy of 99.9%  and at the same time at an affordable price.