The Science

Allelica is the first Personal Genomics Company to make the Polygenic Risk Score accessible, the method that allows to summarize the contribution of hundreds or thousands of genetic variants in determining the risk of developing multifactorial diseases.  

The Polygenic risk Score is the most accurate method because it’s able to consider the effect of common genetic variants, each characterized by having a small effect in determining a pathology. But when these small effects are considered altogether, they significantly increase the overall genetic risk

The Polygenic Risk Score is a cutting-edge method, developed thanks to the availability of scientific studies based on tens of thousands of individuals, published only in recent years. Furthermore, the availability of large datasets, such as the UK Biobank with more than 500,000 volunteers, accelerated at an unprecedented rate the research on Personal Genomics, allowing the unbiased validation of the predictive algorithms.

Allelica does not consider genetic risk in isolation, but integrates it with lifestyle and clinical factors. This approach ensures the higher level of personalisation and efficacy of the results provided. 

To read the DNA we use the latest generation of Illumina Array, the Global Screening Array, which allows the genotyping of more than 750,000 genetic variants with an accuracy greater than 99.9%.

These are the main studies implemented in the Allelica tests