Empowering the next generation of clinical genomics

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Allelica has created a secure and trusted platform for Polygenic Risk Score analysis and reporting. We equip health systems and clinical laboratories with cutting-edge tools to reduce the impact of chronic diseases through genomic medicine.


Data-driven disease prevention

Allelica’s software empowers health systems to reduce the burden of chronic disease through revolutionary preventive healthcare tools powered by the integration of patients’ clinical and genomic data.


Precision genomic risk prediction

Allelica’s end-to-end Polygenic Risk Score pipeline provides clinical laboratories with a secure infrastructure for PRS analysis through to clinical reporting and can determine a patients’ absolute risk of common diseases through a simple file upload of their genotyped data.


Enabling cutting-edge research

Allelica’s PRS modules for new score discovery and validation perform the work of a team of bioinformaticians, enabling researchers to generate the best performing PRS using multiple gold standard algorithms in parallel and achieve publication ready results without months of bioinformatics efforts.

What we do

Perform genetic risk analysis

Allelica's Polygenic Risk Scores for common diseases have the highest predictive power on the market, allowing physicians to more effectively help patients lower their risk of life-threatening diseases.

Power research communities

Our secure digital platform enables researchers to construct and validate new Polygenic Risk Scores on multiple populations using the top algorithms in parallel to reveal the best Polygenic Risk Scores.