The first SaaS to perform

genomic risk prediction

with Polygenic Risk Scores

Allelica is the first and only company to offer a Software as a Service to perform Genomic Risk Prediction based on Polygenic Risk Scores. This method summarizes the contribution of anywhere between hundreds to millions of genetic variants to determine the risk of developing multifactorial diseases. Polygenic Risk Scores are developed thanks to the availability of scientific studies based on tens of thousands of individuals, that have only recently been published. Furthermore, the availability of large datasets, such as the UK Biobank with more than 500,000 volunteers, accelerated at an unprecedented rate the research on Precision medicine, allowing the validation of the predictive algorithms. Allelica does not consider genetic risk in isolation, but also integrates clinical risk factor in absolute risk models. This approach guarantees the maximum level of personalization and effectiveness of the results provided. Allelica's pipeline accepts any genome-wide array data, performs quality controls and imputes missing data.

Main studies used to derive the Polygenic Risk Scores implemented in our software