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Leverage the power of pharmacogenomics, polygenic risk score and carrier screening in your own lab with the Allelica Precision Server (APS).


Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly align with CLIA requirements, streamlining your lab's LDT workflow and in-house IVD development.


In-Lab Data Processing

Ensure data privacy by processing genomics data on-premises, eliminating the need for external transfers.


Enhanced Data Security

Maintain patient trust with cutting-edge encryption and security measures.

APS is available both as hardware and containerised software


Your Comprehensive Solution for Secure and Advanced Genomics Analysis

Delve deeper into genomics with our state-of-the-art server. Designed to meet the intricate demands of modern labs, the Allelica Precision Server is your trusted partner in advancing genomic science.


CLIA-Compliant LDT Workflow Integration

Our server not only supports but enhances your lab's LDT workflow. With built-in tools tailored to meet CLIA standards, stay ahead in the regulatory landscape while optimizing your research capabilities.


Experience the Future of Genomic Analysis

Our precision server seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, ensuring fast, efficient, and secure genomic data processing. Provide world-class pharmacogenomics, polygenic risk score and carrier screening analysis.

Have Questions About Regulatory Compliance or Data Security?

Connect with our experts and discover how the Allelica Precision Server can elevate your lab's capabilities.

Pushing the Boundaries of Genomic Research

At Allelica, we believe in empowering labs with the tools they need to excel in a rapidly-evolving landscape. Our commitment to data privacy, regulatory compliance, and advanced research is at the core of everything we do.


Allelica ISO Certification

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Trusted By


"With this agreement, Merck confirms its strong commitment to advancing science and technology in the area of cardiovascular disease"

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Antonio Messina, General Manager, Merck Biopharma

“MGZ Munich has stood for comprehensive human genetic diagnostics for over 20 years. Integrating the Polygenic Risk Score into our services enables us to provide physicians with a much more precise understanding of their patients’ absolute risk of complex diseases, serving as a critical tool in the development of effective primary prevention strategies.”

Andreas Laner Head of Genomics Program NGS

“In our mission to keep our clients healthy, we provide personalized prevention plans based on integrated medical and omics data - Allelica's technology helps us to do that through data-driven risk prediction.”

Ernő Duda Chairman of the Board, Medipredict

“We’re delighted to partner with Allelica to translate the latest breakthroughs in genomic research into real advances in clinical care.”

Mina Hiona Director, Center for Preventive Medicine & Longevity

Latest news

img Allelica Research Published in the Journal of the American Heart Association

A health economics study, Integrating a Polygenic Risk Score for Coronary Artery Disease as a Risk‐Enhancing Factor in the Pooled Cohort Equation: A Cost‐Effectiveness Analysis Study, has been published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. The study, performed by Allelica Health Economist, Deo Mujwara, in collaboration with experts from Illumina and the University of Sydney, analyzed the cost-effectiveness of PRS in heart disease risk assessments and found that PRS is cost-saving in US health systems.

img Allelica CSO Presents at the European Society of Human Genetics Conference 2022

Allelica CSO, George Busby, presented his latest work on breast cancer PRS, Genetic assessments of breast cancer risk that do not account for polygenic background are incomplete and lead to incorrect preventative strategies, at the 2022 ESHG Conference in Vienna, Austria. The presentation highlighted the potential of PRS to improve risk assessment for breast cancer and the risks of looking at monogenic mutations alone.

img 2022 ISPOR Conference

Allelica Health Economist, Dr. Deo Mujwara, will be presenting the results of a cost-effectiveness analysis of PRS for heart disease in a US Health System setting at the ISPOR annual conference. The Allelica team will join Deo at the conference as exhibitors to spread the word of the power of PRS to reduce the burden of heart disease while saving money.

img AACR Annual Meeting 2022

Allelica will participate in the 2022 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. Researchers and physicians from across the world will gather to discuss breakthroughs in pathology, early detection and treatment. The Allelica team will provide attendees with information on how PRS can radically improve cancer risk assessments.

img ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting

Allelica participated in the 2022 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Nashville, TN. The Allelica team was able to network with industry leaders and discuss the power of Polygenic Risk Score in clinical practice.

img Allelica Obtains ISO Certification

Allelica continues to set the industry standard of clinical-grade Polygenic Risk Score analysis with the addition of two key ISO certifications. ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certify that Allelica applies medical device quality management processes every step of the way.

img Allelica PRS webinar featured speakers from world-wide leading institutions

Allelica hosted a Genomeweb webinar on the clinical application of Polygenic Risk Score in risk assessments. Speakers included Dr. Pradeep Natarajan from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Noura Abul-Husn from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Allelica CSO, Dr. George Busby.

img Polygenic Risk Score Webinar Co-Hosted With Congenica

Allelica is joining forces with world leaders in genomic medicine at Congenica to provide an educational webinar focused on Polygenic Risk Score in clinical application. The speakers will cover the opportunities and challenges to widespread implementation for PRS in the UK and beyond.

img Allelica CSO Speaks at 2021 Genomic Summit

Alongside international scientists, Allelica CSO, George Busby, presented on PRS at the largest genomics conference in Latin America. George discussed how PRS is applied in non-European populations and how PRS modulates penetrance of single gene mutations.

img Research on the cost-effectiveness of PRS published in medRxiv

Together with researchers at University of Sydney and Illumina, Inc., Allelica researchers and health economist, Deo Mujwara, completed a study on the cost-saving power of PRS for health systems. The study focuses on application of PRS in heart disease risk assessments, specifically looking at the advantages of using PRS as a risk enhancing factor in the Pooled Cohort Equation.

img Press conference with top cardiovascular groups and Merck

Alongside the three leading cardiovascular scientific societies in Italy, Allelica hosted a press conference focused on the commercialization of CardioriskSCORE, the CAD PRS developed by Allelica and published in Circulation. Participants discussed the impact this has on heart attack risk and its implications for more effective primary prevention strategies. The conference was attended by top cardiologists and pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

img Pharmafile features interview with Allelica CEO

In the Spring 2021 edition, Pharmafile magazine interviewed Allelica CEO, Giordano Bottà, on the critical role Polygenic Risk Score plays in assessing patients’ risk of heart disease. The interview covers the process of PRS integration in existing cardiovascular disease risk assessment, and discusses how Allelica is helping to power rapid adoption of PRS for complex disease in the clinic.

img Allelica CSO speaks at Oxford Personalised Medicine webinar

Allelica CSO, George Busby, presented on the increasingly important role of polygenic risk scores in precision medicine in the UK and beyond, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for PRS implementation at scale. The webinar was hosted by the Oxford Personalised Medicine Society, part of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics & University of Oxford.

img Allelica CEO Featured in Clinical Omics Magazine

Allelica CEO and co-founder, Giordano Bottà, was interviewed as part of an editorial piece, Polygenic Risk Scores: Taking Hold in the Clinic, in the most recent version of Clinical Omics. He discusses the growing importance of PRS in healthcare and the opportunities it presents for chronic disease prevention.

img Allelica CAD PRS Research in Circulation

Allelica researchers identified a critical interaction between PRS for coronary artery disease (CAD) and LDL cholesterol level. Their discovery has major implications for clinical decision-making in primary prevention strategies. The research is now available in the American Heart Association Journal, Circulation.

img Genomics Virtual Summit 2020

This event will showcase emerging and innovative applications advancing consumer & healthcare genomics to accelerate the adoption of precision medicine in healthcare systems. We will be discussing the life-saving potential of PRS for heart disease and its power to advance personalized lipid management.

img The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative

Formed earlier this year, the COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative is an open collaboration between scientists around the globe. It is focused on identifying genetic determinants of disease susceptibility and severity in order to understand why symptoms manifest in such drastically different ways. As participants in the initiative, we are developing scores to predict disease severity. e also built web and mobile digital tools to collect data from hospitalized patients.

img Coronary Artery Disease Risk Calculator

Our newest product for healthcare providers calculates patients’ lifetime risk of developing coronary artery disease based on the integration of genetic and traditional risk factors using state of the art polygenic risk score. The interactive tool shows patients how manageable lifestyle changes and therapeutic interventions can actively lower lifetime risk of heart disease.

img Genomic Medicine Virtual Conference

The Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine Virtual Conference 2020, Integrating Genomic Medicine Across Systems, will dive deep into the latest innovations in genomic medicine. We will show our work alongside leaders in research and healthcare on how early polygenic risk score testing can reduce the lifetime risk of coronary artery disease.

img ASHG Virtual Meeting

We are proud to have been selected as a “Reviewer's Choice” by the American Society of Human Genetics, being rated among the top 10% of abstracts. Our work will be presented at the ASHG Virtual Meeting 2020 where researchers will come together to present their latest discoveries and explore new tools & technologies to transform genomic medicine.

img 16th World Congress of Public Health

We are very excited to announce our participation in the 16th World Congress of Public Health, a conference which brings together some of the brightest minds and latest scientific developments from across the globe. Our presentation will focus on the role of polygenic risk scores in the prevention of common adult onset conditions.


Our Principles

img Data Driven

Our products are developed and validated using world class datasets and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest level of quality.

img Scientific Rigor

We are a group of international scientists and researchers committed to maintaining standards of academic excellence every step of the way.

img Human-centricity

Everything we do works towards our common goal of providing tangible improvement in preventive healthcare to help humans live a longer, healthier life.