Our products translate the
latest discoveries in
genomic risk prediction

Our products translate the
latest discoveries in genomic
risk prediction

Giordano Bottà | PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

Giordano is an entrepreneur and a bioinformatician.
During his career as a researcher he had the
opportunity to work with some of the top genomics
experts in the world at the University of Oxford publishing
in the journal Nature. He wants to give
people the opportunity to benefit from the scientific
revolution happening in genomics by creating digital
products that allow the extraordinary information
carried in our DNA to be used effectively.

Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics

Paolo Di Domenico

CTO & Co-Founder

Paolo is a software engineer. He programmed his first
software in Basic at the age of 5 with a Commodore 64.
Since then he has gained experience in numerous
programming languages and in designing complex cloud
architecture. His goal is to develop algorithms and
software that can translate the latest scientific findings in
genomic prediction into clinical practice.

Software Engineering & Data Mining

George Busby | PhD

CSO & Co-Founder

George is a statistical geneticist and science
communicator. He has worked at the University of
Oxford for more than 10 years and his scientific work
has been published in Nature and Science, amongst
other journals. He has always been fascinated by the
potential of DNA to be used to reconstruct human
evolutionary history by analyzing large genomic
datasets with advanced statistical modeling. He now
leads Allelica's scientific team, helping to bring polygenic
risk scores to the market for the first time by showing
their use in medical genetics.

Genomics & Writing

Alessandro Bolli | PhD

Head of Data Science

Field: Data Analysis

Valerio Guarrasi

Data Scientist

Field: Data Analysis

Colleen Lyons

Business Development

Field: Marketing & Science

Samir Gahramanov

Software Engineer

Field: Software & Cloud-architecture

Andrea Amedeo

Project Assistant

Field: Communication & Technology